Här ser ni de officiella kanalerna för HSS på Sociala medier

HSS Seglarskola

Congratulations to skipper @ThomasRuyant on board @LinkedOut_VG for being first around the @IocUnesco waypoint near Iceland. 👊
It’s still a very close race, with the top three separated by less than four miles at the mark. 👀

The top four are within four miles after a challenging couple of days for the @ImocaGS fleet. #IMOCA


Great @ImocaGS action as Ruyant leads the charge as the boats head across the mouth of the English Channel https://www.imoca.org/en/news/news/ruyant-leads-the-charge-as-the-boats-head-across-the-mouth-of-the-english-channel-1

Whether you joined in or followed from a distance, here’s a look back at the first ever Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy.


#MFSailingTrophy #MirpuriFoundation #Sailing #OffshoreSailing


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